Adult Juice Boxes!

DMc and I went grocery shopping together last weekend. He found me in the wine section of the store after he realized I’d gone AWOL. Apparently, he’d been rolling along conversing with himself for at least two aisles. Once I was done laughing at the visual of my heavily bearded guy lecturing thin air on the best canned tomato varieties for salsa, I told him I just needed a minute to find my favored box wine brand. As I am not currently Working for the Man, I am making half-hearted attempts at budget management. For me, the math is clear: box wine is definitely a good option, as I am certainly not giving up my primary vice. Don’t get me wrong, I have experienced and very much appreciate higher quality Vino…but I’m good with a solid, consistent cheapie too. Consider me a Wine Fangirl.

DMc: You always buy this one brand. Why not, say, this other one here? *points at similarly priced box*

TMc: Oh, I’ve tried that brand. Their Chardonnay sucks.

DMc: Oh, yeah? How so?

TMc: It tastes like waterlogged 2×4’s and cranky grapes.

DMc: See there? And you always say you have no wine palate!

TMc: That was good, wasn’t it? At least GIMSCO didn’t completely eradicate my sense of humor!

DMc: *laughing* So, box wine tonight all around. How about some Velveeta queso and chips to go with?

TMc: Redneck Happy Hour R Us! I like it!

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