Rules of OV

  • This is my virtual living room. It’s not necessarily family-friendly. Things may occasionally become profane.
  • Comments will be moderated, when I get around to it. If you need instant gratification, go to one of those random social media sites people are living out loud on nowadays.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, bring your personal turf wars onto my site. I am friends with people who are not necessarily friendly with¬†each other, and I require that everybody play nice here or I won’t post your commentary.
  • No naming names, no naming companies, no posting anything that could get any of us in trouble over any of those annoying boilerplate non-compete or NDA¬†forms we all have to sign to get our paychecks.
  • Lemme sum up: Please don’t be stupid, or a dick, and especially don’t be a stupid dick.