I don’t name people-names when blogging. Instead, I refer to people by a character nickname. If you become a regularly appearing personality in my blog posts, you may recognize yourself one day.

TMc – That’s me! Sociably anti-social lazybones with definite opinions.

DMc – Mr. TMc, and the love of my life.

Mom – My mother. The Empress. She who must be obeyed because it’ll turn out it was for your own good anyway (sincerely, I shit you not, this is always true).

Gogi – My late maternal grandmother. Gone but never, ever forgotten.

Little Sister – My younger sister. Gorgeous, awesome, living her best life. Mother of my awesome Niece and Nephew.

Baby Bro – My younger brother. Veteran Marine, creative soul, I often think he got the best of our family’s DNA.

McMom – DMc’s mother

The Kids – Our cats. We were not blessed with human children. Ergo, we spoil the cats to a ridiculous level. Cool thing about feline children? Nobody calls CPS if you need to leave them alone for 48 hours (obviously, fully stocked/situated).

  • Alley – my Little Miss Good Girl. She will be 16 years old in October 2021. Her littermate Bobby passed over the Rainbow Bridge in late 2018. Alley was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in late 2019, and had a radio-iodine treatment in January 2020. She seems to be doing well, but she’s an Old Lady now, so we treasure every day with her.
  • Brutus – the Cat Formerly Known As Feral. Probably around 8 years old. His story is an entire dedicated blog post, published in May 2021. We lost Big B to terminal oral carcinoma in early September 2022. It’s not what we had hoped for, but we will always treasure the few years he lived inside with us and was the biggest snuggle kitty in the McCasa.
  • Ruthie Ann Biscuits – a/k/a The New Kid. Adopted as Brutus’ Kitten at 6 months old in February 2019. That worked out astonishingly well. She’s an energetic, charming, spoilt rotten pistol of a cat and exactly what our family needed.

The BAMF – My web administrator, hosting company, former co-worker and all-around technical Bad Ass Mo-Fo. He’s on my super-short list of people I ship cookies cross-country to annually.

L – We’ve been friends since we were both young, skinny, and a lot dumber than we are today. She is a lady of class and elegance, both in person and via the grace of her written word dances.

The Rocket Scientist (TRS) – TRS and I have been buddies for over 40 years now. As happens, there have been gaps whilst we fell out of touch doing our own things, but we’ve reconnected. It’s as if no time at all has passed. Except for that bit where she can’t really tell me much about what she does for a living or she’d have to kill me.