Smart Shopping May Do Me In

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us! This year, DMc is part of the on-call rotation at his company during the two weeks around the holiday weekend. This means that we must stick close to the home office, and that we are not having any dinner guests for the holiday meal itself. This actually works out best for our local family, as his folks often have multiple invitations, and if we abstain, it’s one less event they have to fit into their busy day. It also means that I don’t have to clean the house for two days, cook for two more, and then shower and put on a bra under my sweats on Turkey Day.

I wasn’t going to cook a holiday meal for the two of us this year, but then DMc noticed the 15-lb turkey in our garage freezer. I explained that I bought it because it was on sale for 25-cents per pound with other shopping that totaled $25 or more, and who with freezer spaces passes up a big turkey for under $4? I stressed that it was not for Thanksgiving dinner, but for something further along in the winter season, like a nice soup. I thought the conversation was closed. I was wrong.

Next thing I know, DMc is taking a tour of the freezers and pantries and I am doomed because I keep our kitchen excellently stocked. Turns out we’re having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner after all, on account of we have all the doggone ingredients on hand.

My Involuntary Hostess senses are tingling. Do I even have any sweats without cooking stains on them, I wonder? Gah! Too stressful to consider. Time for a preemptive trip to Total Wine & More!

One hour later…

TW&M Cashier: I see you’re stocking the bar! Got a big party planned for Thanksgiving, do you?

TMc: Godalmighty, sugar, I hope not.

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