Wuv … Twu Wuv

Wuv and Mawwiage!

Yes, this post is nearly 2 months late, as it’s about Valentine’s Day. Hey, man, I’ve been busy.

DMc and I have not participated in the whole Valentine’s Day thing for years now. We hit a point several years ago where we were both sick, and both working overtime from home on big projects, and we made a deal: Let’s pass on this crap. We obviously love each other dearly year-round as neither of us has been smothered in our sleep with a pillow yet. Mebbe, IF we feel it, we might have some cocktails and a slightly-upgraded home-cooked meal at the McCasa. Mebbe, we might have a pizza delivered and pig out in our jammies and go to sleep by 8PM. Whatever we agree to. Everybody else can do their thing that they post all over FB and beyond, and you know what? That’s excellent! If that is what works for y’all, you absolutely do that. We’ve kind of retired from that level of public-facing sentiment.

BUT. This year?

OMG, y’all. DMc broke the “rule.” He brought me a 3rd generation iPad Pro 12.9” and a keyboard case for it. *EEEEEEEEEEEEE! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! EEE! EEE! EEE!*

Except, it was his turn for the new iPad. We picked me up a small newer 6th generation one a bit over a year ago when it was on sale for a ridiculously low price since my 4th gen one was barely able to surf the web effectively anymore. So by the rules, next new device is his.

However – as The Breadwinner always has the option to do – he decided that since our Surface and Airbook were getting pretty old despite being in good condition, we needed a newer reasonably functional compute device, and since I am The Administrator, we might as well combine said compute device into a new iPad Pro for me…so we could give my Mom the 6th gen one. *SWOON*

He treated me and my Mom all at once, as a surprise. In NerdLand, it doesn’t really get much more romantic than that, is all I’m saying. ❤️

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