The BAMF gifted me with this website a looong time ago, and I have only ever randomly posted a handful of recipes and one piss-poor excuse for a funny story. I can’t even manage a reboot in under 10 months. Talk about gift abuse! He probably thinks I don’t appreciate the gift. If so, he’d be wrong. I love the gift so much that I am long-term paralytically terrified by it.

There are a gazillion excuses I’ve made for not paying attention to this website and making something fun out of it, but those don’t matter. It’s beyond time to put up or shut up. I’ve given myself a stern talking-to, and reminded myself that while a bunch of strangers might stumble across this site and dismiss it as a waste of a great URL, they don’t know me, and I don’t know them. It’s not them I’m going to write for. I am going to write (badly, I am sure) for myself and my true friends who enjoy reading me even when I’m in violation of the entire Chicago Manual of Style and utterly devoid of manners.

I had convinced myself I couldn’t have a website without it being PERFECT. Oh, please! I’ve never done anything perfectly in my damn life. I’m random. It’s the one thing I am consistently good at. This site is going to be as random as I am. I’m never going to be a food blogger, and I don’t want to. Do I want to toss a few recipes up for my friends and family? Sure! Do I want to be anybody’s official go-to for serious cooking advice? Oh my, no, that’s a bad idea. Yeah, I cook, and I’m pretty good at it. There will be a recipe section. Enjoy – there are sure to be errors and omissions here and there. Do what I do when you find one: fake it while you bake it!

This is a completely random brain dump site now. Check the sidebar for interesting alternatives if I bore you. I won’t bore my friends, may aggravate the crap out of my extended family as a bonus, and that’s all that matters.

In the words of an excellent laptop decal I have bookmarked on Amazon: “Write Drunk. Edit Sober.” That’s…SO ME. I’mma do that.

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